Gimbal Control by Means of Google Glass – A Undergraduate Thesis

3D Printed three-axis gimbal next to its Google Glass controller
3D Printed three-axis gimbal next to its Google Glass controller

When the time came to decide on a topic for my undergraduate thesis I was clueless. Fortunately for me I had the amazing opportunity to get involved with a awesome company called Simera Technology Group. There I had my first experience of a real-world engineering business environment.

My boss had recently purchased a pair of Google Glasses for the company to play around with and do development on, and it was on that topic that he suggested I try and integrate some form of head movement control with a gimbal and Google Glass. I was ecstatic about that idea, being presented the opportunity to play with Google Glass and to use it in my thesis seemed almost unreal. Nevertheless I was still petrified. I don’t know anything much about gimbals, despite being an avid multi-rotor enthusiast, and I know even less about Android development. But I knew it was a opportunity to show the world, but most importantly, myself, what I am capable of.

And so begins my journey with Google Glass, Android development, Arduino board, sensors and all kinds of other thingies that any geek, nerd or techy dreams about.

A 3-Axis Gimbal with a 32-bit Alexmos gimbal controller I was working on at Simera

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