The Mechabrewers

The Mechabrewers are the winners of the 2015 Pneudrive national South African engineering design competition. The winning design submission received an all-expenses-paid trip to the SEW and SMC head quarters in Germany and the UK.

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The Mechabrewers is a mechatronics design team from the University of Stellenbosch that was formed to compete in the Pneudrive Challenge, a national engineering design competition in South Africa. We love designing mechatronic systems through our specific and individual skill sets. Using our combined experience and expertise, we can solve any automation problem.

The Mechabrewers Pneudrive Team
The Mechabrewers Pneudrive Team: (From left) Jean Swart, Josua Blom, Madeli du Toit, Johannes Leuvenink, Reghardt Pretorius.

We undertook the project in collaboration with Stellenbrau Breweries to assist them in their production line by design a system that could potentially automate a specific process.

photo 1.JPG
The Mechabrewers team with Stellenbrau Staff

Our design submission for the 2015 Pneudrive competition was the BottleBot, an automated robotic arm intended to move beverage bottles around in a production line.

The BottleBot.
The BottleBot.

To assist with our design submission we also built a prototype of the BottleBot that was made out of wood and pneumatics. Below is a video of the prototype in action:


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