Anax Heavy Lift Quadcopter

Anax (Greek: ἄναξ; from earlier ϝάναξ, wánax) is an ancient Greek word for “King”

The Anax Quadcopter with Gimbal Payload

The Anax quadcopter is rightfully named the Anax, it is part of a side project undertaken by Simera Technology Group. I was hired as an intern to take on the project and responsibilities of building, setting up and flying the quadcopter.

The Anax compared to it’s smalled training platforms

The purpose of the Anax is to serve as a testing platform capable of lifting heavy payloads, such as multi-spectral cameras developed by Simera to do data acquisition and testing. The first successful flight of the Anax took place on the 28th of Nov, 2014.


Test Flight.png
First successful test flight of the Anax


The Anax is capable of lifting a large gimbal with a heavy camera payload, and has undergone rigorous testing in the hopes that my undergraduate thesis, Gimbal Control by Means of Google Glass, can be applied to it.

In-lab software development for Google Glass gimbal control

Below is a demonstration of real-time wireless control of the pitch axis of a heavy-payload carrying gimbal, controlled hands-free by Google Glass.

See: my undergraduate thesis on Google Glass gimbal control

Simera Technology Group


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