Drone Consulting

Over the years I have received quite a number of questions regarding multirotors, FPV racers and “drones.” Some of the correspondence led to informal consulting opportunities whereby I would help a client with his Remotely Piloted Vehicle.

These consulting activities included:

  • Repairing broken multirotors
  • Setting up multirotors to flying condition
  • Flight-training
  • Value quotations of old second hand goods
  • Sale of a client’s second hand goods at a sales commission

I have worked with several types of multirotors, I am relatively proficient in Mission Planner software and I have experience on the following flight controllers:

  • 3DR Pixhawk
  • HKPilot 32
  • DJI Naza M-Lite
  • APM2
  • Naze32

If you require any advice, consulting or repair services, please contact me. Below are a few testimonies from clients I have informally serviced in the past.